Stefan Garcia Designer, Artist

I’m Stefan - an Architectural Designer & aspiring Artist living in Brooklyn, New York. Currently, I’m working on architectural projects at COOKFOX. I value sustainable, innovative design thinking that harmoniously links user and context.

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Hollistically, my interests currently lie at the intersection of architecture as it relates to ever-changing ideas of urbanity, the social and the political.

I was born and raised on the island of Trinidad before migrating (c. 2003) to the United States. I’ve lived in the South, the Mid-West and also called Glasgow, Scotland home for a year. These experiences have cultivated a fascination with architecture embedded in rich social context and material ecology - and this also translates to artistic explorations.

I paint from time-to-time and am currently exploring acrylic, water-color, and mixed media. At the moment these take the form of portraits that explore themes of identity and self-reflections or abstracts that explore age, decay, wear, erosion and mortality through combinations of simple textures, shapes and forms.

Bare with me as I gather my thoughts ...